Bereavement Ministry                                      Deacon Royce Winters


If , then, we believe we have died with Christ,

we also believe that we shall rise with him.

We know that Christ,

raised from the dead, dies no more;

death no longer has power over him.


Romans 6:8-9

When a member of the Church dies, we believe that they live on with Christ in heaven.  We gather to celebrate their life, both before death and then in glory.  Members of the bereavement ministry minister to the families of the deceased as they plan the funeral service, celebrate their going home, and gather for repast.  They welcome visitors to the church, provide comfort to the mourners, bring and/or serve food at the repast.

Planning the Funeral

Like all Catholic Churches, the Church of the Resurrection is guided by the Order of Christian Funerals.  Upon the death of one of the Christian faithful, someone from the family contacts the parish, and the Pastor or Pastoral Associate for Pastoral Care set a time to meet with members of the family to begin planning the celebration.


1. The family of the deceased should contact the pastor or pastoral associate of Pastoral Care as soon as possible to give notification of the death of their loved one.


2. After the family has been in contact with the Funeral Home, they should arrange a meeting with the pastor or the pastoral associate as soon as possible. The family and the pastor or pastoral associate will work together to plan the Funeral Rite. The planning will include:

a. Visitation

b. Mass of Christian Burial or Funeral Outside of Mass

c. Rite of Committal [Burial or Internment]


3. The Wake and the Funeral generally occur on the same day. If the Funeral takes place in the evening, the Rite of Committal would take place the following morning. If the body is to be cremated after the Funeral, the Rite of Committal should take place as soon after the cremation as possible.


4. The times or plans for any part of the Funeral Rite are not set without the approval of the pastor or his designee.


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