Parish Nurses

What do Parish Nurses do?

The nurses visit those who have been ill and/or hospitalized and the elderly to offer support and assist with any needs that the person or their family might have, including teaching about and monitoring their illness.

They may also offer to make referrals to other agencies that might assist the person with other personal needs.

There is no charge for the services they provide.

How do the nurses know if someone needs help?

The sick person or their family usually calls the nurse to inform them of their need for support. Other parishioners and/or the parish staff have also called let the nurses know of concerns they have for fellow church members or neighbors.

Will the nurses only visit parishioners?

No. Many of the people seen by the nurses are not members of the Church of the Resurrection but people who live in the community who need the assistance and support of the parish nurses to recover from illness, injury or emotional trauma.

How can I reach the parish nurses?

The nurses are normally at their Church of the Resurrection offices on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Their offices are in the Parish Office, and they can be reached through the main church number: 242-0400 or by email at

What other services do they provide?

The nurses provide free blood pressure screenings the first Sunday of the month after each Mass. 

They also help organize a health fair once a year. 

They also help maintain our Automated External Defibrillator and arrange for training to use it, as well as provide first aid during some parish events.


Who are our Parish Nurses?

The parish nurses at the Church of the Resurrection are Sharon Eberhart and Mary Ann Escudero.

How are they paid?

There is no charge to those whom they visit, nor to the parish.  The nurses are employees of TriHealth who pays their salaries and benefits. The Church of the Resurrection supplies office space, telephones and office support.


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