Planning the Funeral


1. The Church of the Resurrection invites the family of the deceased to consider hosting a repast after the funeral.  This may be done in the parish gym.

2. The Bereavement Commission will take care of set up, serving, and cleanup, as well as provide the food for the repast.

3. If the funeral takes place in the morning, lunch will be served when the family returns from the burial or internment at the cemetery - or immediately after the funeral if the buried or internment is to take place at a later time.

4. If the funeral takes place in the evening, desserts will be served immediately after the funeral.

5. An additional donation to cover some of the costs associated with the repast would be appreciated.


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The Church of the Resurrection is an urban Catholic community with people of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds, who have come together to serve God through various ministries and outreach programs. We encourage love of all God’s people by promoting spiritual growth through the love of God and the teachings of Christ Jesus through the Gospels. We stand firm in our beliefs. 

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The Church of the Resurrection is located within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

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