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On June 4, 2021, priests [pastors] throughout the Archdiocese of Cincinnati met to discuss upcoming plans and processes for the Beacons of Light. For the next few weeks, this column will be used to share some of the demographics shared by Archdiocesan leadership and the consulting firm, Partners Edge.


Community Demographic Insights:

  • In demographics, distribution is never equal across a geographical area, and understanding patterns is useful.
  • Income difference is less that depicted due to effect of government transfer payments and taxes not included.
  • Three key demographics with impact on planning:
    • 0 – 6 years: Flat to declining birth rates for a decade will impact the Archdiocese and society for the nest 25 years.
    • Retiring Boomers: Giving and liturgy attendance are a source of stability and will diminish; however, are the healthiest, most educated, and wealthiest group of retirees seen at parish level.
    • Millennials: Parishes opportunity to welcome, integrate, and engage young families and adults moving into their 40’s as a matter of vitality and sustainability.

Registered Catholic Households:

  • Between 2010 & 2020 total registered Catholic households declined 6.0% from 168,654 6o 158, 726.
  • Between 2019 & 2020 total registered Catholic households declined 5.1% from 167,233 to 158,726 of 1.2MM total households in geographic area.
  • Since 2010 the percentage of Catholics vs. overall population in the Archdiocese declined from 14.2% to 11.9%

Historical Sacraments:

  • Between 2010 – 2019 Sacraments declined -19.4% from 25,920 to 20,890
    • Baptisms decline -19% from 5,922 to 4,795
    • First Communions declined -23.8% from 6,921 to 5,275
    • Confirmations declined -21.5% from 7,126 to 5,595
    • Weddings declined -27.9% from 1,954 to 1,409
    • Funerals declined -4.5% from 3,997 to 3,816
  • Online Mass Attendance March – November 2020
    • Parishes asked to report monthly online mass [where applicable] ‘hits’ between March and November 2020.
    • ~1/3 of parishes responded with data.
    • Online mass hits ranged from 28,779 – 96,162.

Catholic Demographics Insights:

  • Catholicity has declined HH (-5%), Sunday Mass attendance (-22.5%), and Sacraments (-19.4%) from 2010 to 2019
  • Catholicity varies greatly across Archdiocese, from less than 5% to greater than 50%
  • Stewardship HH Median income ($82,890) is 43% higher than Archdiocesan median income ($58k)
  • 19.4% of stewardship HH account for 80% of stewardship

High number of churches located in areas of low Catholicity, typical of older cities in the United States


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The Church of the Resurrection is located within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

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