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11th Anniversary Prayer

O most Loving God, as we celebrate our parish’s Eleventh Year Anniversary, we acknowledge and give You thanks for Your Abiding Love.  We remain uplifted by Your Amazing Grace, to offer You our hearts through our spirited worship. 

As we remain in the dynamic of love that You and Jesus have, Your Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts.  Your Love grows ever-deeper in us that we might love one another as You love us. 

May Your abundant Grace strengthen our desire and ability to remain in You, and for You to remain in us.  Through Christ Our Lord.  Amen.  

The Church of the Resurrection is a compassionate,  multigenerational, Catholic Community known for its diverse spirit-filled worship and community service. We continuously engage people through stewardship, service, ministry, and faith. Our resources allow the church to be a proactive place of worship, inclusion, and spiritual growth; and our innovative holistic approach to service transforms individuals, families, and communities.


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The Church of the Resurrection is located within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

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